Via Flaminia Pre War
Via Flaminia of the Kings
When03 - 10 juni 2023 (8 days) 
WhereBologna to Tuscany
Via delle Caminate, 50
Strada Provinciale 125 Forli (FC)
47121 Forli FO
Contact0031 6 242 343 45 (Phone)


Italy used to be divided in many kingdoms. And what do kings like to do ? Build castles and drink wine. They did not have motorcars in those days, so we will not only be drinking wine and visiting castles but also driving some wonderful roads.


We start in a village turned resort in the middle of a vineyard, not far from Bologna. The next day we drive along the Apennines south. We are the guest at the first of the castles on this journey and have some special wines during lunch. We follow the mountain ranges into Umbria and arrive at our hill-perched fortified village. We will be staying 2 nights here.


We are in the middle of a wine region we drive through the pleasant Umbria landscape and stop at yet another castle. Here we have not only a tour in the castle but also a tour into the vineyards with electric Jeeps. After lunch and some more wine tasting it is only 20 km to the hotel. Time for a dip in one of the two swimming pools.


We now cross the Apennines towards the Adriatic coast. A nineteenth century fort has been rebuilt into a luxury hotel, weather permitting, we will have dinner on the terrace overlooking the sea.


We cross yet again the Apennines but now we stop in Norcia, a city known for its truffles and fine salami. We park our cars on the main square and stay in the newly rebuild luxurious hotel with its Michelin star restaurant. Driving the high plane above Norcia will bring you in awe. If it is your first time, be surprised; if it is not your first time, enjoy it again and see new colours.


From Norcia we cross Umbria into Tuscany, we stay two nights in the fortified village of Capalbio, high on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. The second day will be a short one, the rally finishes at the beach where we have lunch and ľ if you want ľ a swim.


The closing ceremony is in one of the fine restaurants in Capalbio.