Vintage, classic, youngtimers car auction
The Danish real estate agent collected luxury cars all his life, and after his death left over fifty magnificent vehicles, which the estate is now putting up for a no reserve auction in Denmark on August 30, 2022.
When16 - 30 augustus 2022 (15 days) 
Deadline30 August 2022 (entry closed) 
WhereCampen Auktioner A/S
Myntevej 2, 8920 Randers, NV - Denmark, Europe
8920 Randers, NV
CategoriesVeiling, Exhibition, Meeting 
Contact00 45 22 71 55 55 (Phone)

00 45 40 19 19 50 (Mobile) 
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See the movie about the cars her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pUcrppUeLI&t=11s Its is possible to bid online untill the live auction begin.

The collection is the result of former estate agent in the city of Slagelse Henning Meyer's lifelong passion for glossy paint, sparkly chrome and spectacular shapes, and he spent a lot of time, money heart and soul, to find, buy and maintain the many expensive cars. When he passed away in 2019, his only child, the heiress Marie Therese Meyer was at a crossroads: On the one hand, she had many good memories from childhood of the trip with her father in various shiny luxury cars ľ but it takes more than just an ordinary interest in cars to keep such a large car collection service.

In consultation with the family, she therefore made the difficult decision to sell her father's life's work, and Campen Auktioner in Randers has been given this precious task. On August 30, auctioneer Finn Campen will swings the hammer over the many vehicles, and he is looking forward to it: "Over the years we have found and sold quite a few large car collections, but Henning Meyers here is simply one of the best I have ever seen".

One of the gems of the collection was America's most expensive and most advanced car in 1958, Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, and it may also be the auction's highest-grossing car: "Only 704 of them were made, and they were simply a showpiece in everything electronic, mechanical and advanced technology that could be implemented in the car world back then, and that is why they are highly sought after by collectors today", says Finn Campen.

The expensive Cadillac was really America's bid for a competitor to Rolls-Royce, and Henning Meyer also found such a one for his collection - even a copy that may have belonged to the country queen Dolly Parton, who may very well have sat enthroned in the dark red leather and enjoy the grand luxury cruiser of a Phantom, one of the few British cars in the collection. But there is actually another side to Henning Meyer's interest in cars, because mostly the large luxury cars dominate, but at the very opposite end of the scale he also collected microcars from the fifties.

If you think that they are really small cabin scooters and also cost really little money, then you may well have to think again: They have also become very popular among collectors, and the most expensive of them today cost like a thoroughbred American car.

On the other hand, those who bid on 30 August can hope for the best, because there are no reserve on the cars, meaning all will be sold to the highest bidder. Thus, there is a real chance to make a bargain. And Henning Meyer himself would not have let such a chance pass by. https://www.campenauktioner.dk/ at auktion number 7979.