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1994 Alfa Romeo 164 Super

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The Alfa Romeo 164’s launch represented the beginning of the renaissance of its maker. It was a member of the Type Four project, which resulted in four cars from Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat and Saab, all sharing the same floorpan. Of all the Type Fours, the Pininfarina styled Alfa 164 was by far the prettiest. The glorious Busso three-Litre V6 was used in the 164 and meant that it possessed the most charismatic engine in the class. The sharp Pininfarina styling also helped to differentiate the Alfa Romeo from its cousins and the V6 could be ordered with a Veloce body kit. The range was overhauled and became known as the 164 Super in 1993. Differences on the outside comprised of chrome trimmings added to the upper edge of the bumpers bars and upgraded headlights now with a slimmer profile. New instruments and a centre console that featured more delineated switchgear were featured in the interior. The Alfa Romeo 164 Super we have here today is a fine late example in immaculate condition with all the upgrades and features. One of Alfa’s best efforts of the 1980s and a class-leading executive car of the period. Offered at No Reserve on 18th May 2019 at Chiswick House. View 1994 Alfa Romeo 164 Super For Sale on Coys.co.uk for further details.

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as of 5/18/2019

Car 1994 Alfa Romeo 164 Super
VIN ZAR16400006302932 
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