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audi quattro
Last Post 10 Dec 2015 11:22 PM by Webhost. 3 Replies.
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Franz Tannhuber

10 Dec 2015 04:00 AM EditEdit QuoteQuote ReplyReply  

I'm new to the sits so please excuse me if i've made any mistakes!

I've seen a yellow 1985 for sale a rally car from what i can gather, i would like to speak to the owner of the vehicle if possible but like i mentioned i'm not quite sure how to navigate around the site properly yet.

Any help putting me in touch with the owner would be greatly appreciated!

Kindest Regards Neal

Just to add i have a 1990 MK2 Golf G60 Edition 1 Wolfsburg edition which i'm thinking about either selling or part exchanging for something else.

Now the car isn't in brilliant condition after i got scammed by a conman who was meant to be doing some upgrades for me which were new cams,injectors,new twinscrew supercharger but after 6 months of him having the car and a further 6 months of him completely ignoring my phone calls,emails & messages i remembered he had told me about the company that did all his paint work & body work.

So i contacted him & explained what was happening & he basically said he was discusted with his so called friend & business associate.
After a week of me talking to the bloke who did his detailing he sent me a message saying i had better come & collect the car otherwise it was going to be parked out on the street in its current condition, s i then had to organise getting a recovery lorry to pick my car along with a good friend.

when they got there my friend phoned me up and said "neal i have some bad news your car hasn't been stored in a company property its in a garage filled with things out of somebodies house by the looks of it" that was it my heart sunk! he carried on telling me the engine wasn't in the car it was sat on the floor at the side of it,all the bumpers,badges grills ect had been dumped inside of it,the door cards were missing the centre caps of the alloys are missing,the wiring loom has been snipped everywhere from the engine all the way back to the little light on the reg plate & was generally in a sorry state to say the least.

So it has gone from being in show car condition that needed a some performance upgrades to something you would find in a barn!.

Since that its had the engine partly rebuilt i've managed to find some original door cards the paint work has been sorted out all though a little dusty all in all it doesn't need a drastic lot doing to it.

I will add some pictures of it tomorrow if anybody is interested in seeing it that is?
Basic Member
Basic Member

10 Dec 2015 04:20 AM Correct Answer? QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
Hi Franz,
I've seen a yellow 1985 for sale a rally car from what i can gather, i would like to speak to the owner of the vehicle

With more than 20,000 cars in our database, please open the detail page of the car you have a question about, and let me know the Ref. Nr. - or copy and paste the URL (web address) from your browser's address bar. This way, we can be certain what specific car you are talking about.
Also, if the car is for sale, the page will have an "Inquire" button in the center of the page, which will allow you to email the seller. If the car is with the dealer, you will also see the dealer's contact information.


10 Dec 2015 10:39 PM Correct Answer? EditEdit QuoteQuote ReplyReply  

The advert i looked at didn't have an inquiry button on it..

Any help will be appreciated

The Reference Number 77553

These codes to prove i'm not a robot are a nightmare i've tried about 30 times to reply
Basic Member
Basic Member

10 Dec 2015 11:22 PM Correct Answer? QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
Hi Neal,

I checked into the listing and the email address is no longer valid. The listing did have an Austrian phone number associated and that matches someone who had been posting similar cars with similar quality photos for a while:

AGX - Friedrich Stempfer
Dorfstrasse 9/2
4921 Hohenzell

+43 - 650 - 3670649
+43 - 660 - 6573962

I have removed that listing and that account for lack of valid email and/or web site contact. You are welcome to try the above, but chances are that car is no longer for sale and someone just didn't bother to update our site.

Best Regards,

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