Meeting Internazionale Opel Storiche
Back in Italy, Saturday, June 3, 2017, the traditional International Meeting for Opel Historical reached the 9th edition.
When30 May 2020 
Deadline10 May 2020 (entry closed) 
WhereFontanellato (PR)
Piazza San Vitale
43012 Fontanellato (PR) PR
CategoriesExhibition, Parade, Show 
Contact+39 3683180377 (Phone)

+39 3388890387 (Mobile) 
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This event, in the hearts of aficionados of cars with the symbol of the circled lightning, is organized dall'Opel Manta Fans Italy / Opel Fans Italy, sponsored by the City of Fontanellato (PR) and dall'AAVS (Association Amateurs Historical Vehicles (www.aavs .com), an association federated to the FIVA. This long-awaited by fans Opel edition, will be held in Fontanellato (PR) place-name "Fontana lata" or large fountain, so called because the village lies in the so-called Bassa Parmense only 5 Km from via Emilia, between Taro rivers and Stirone, where the central square stands the beautiful Rocca Sanvitale which will be the main setting for this great event. Fontanellato in 2004 received recognition CittÓslow, based on indicators such as urban quality, infrastructure, hospitality, promotion of local products and food. Today is Flag of the Italian Touring Club Orange, City of Art, Culture and Spirituality due to its famous Sanctuary, part of the circuit Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza , it is inserted in the category of most Beautiful Villages of Italy. At the event are invited fans and supporters who will enjoy the outdoor museum of historical Opel viewable throughout the day of Saturday, June 3, 2017. Participation in this "exhibition" static rally is allowed in all Opel rear-wheel drive built before 1987. In addition to participants from all over Italy, are expected representatives from various countries of the North and Eastern Europe accompanied by a variegated collection of models have shaped the history of the Opel brand, special areas will be dedicated to sports cars rally / race and spare parts.

To allow you to organize everything better and ensure the spaces, the organization recommended to register by May 10, 2017.

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