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Alfa Romeo 4C voted ‘Future Classic’ by the readers of ‘Motor Klassik’

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C


Turin, 26 March 2014

The German historic car magazine "Motor Klassik" regularly carries out a survey to find out which contemporary cars its readers consider as an investment. The title of "Future Classic", in the "Motor Klassik Awards", is therefore important for establishing whether a car, in addition to being a great success today, is able to deliver a timeless appeal. The vote of the readers is an important indicator of trends regarding cars that are destined to become collectors' items.

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The undisputed winner in the prestigious "Coupé" category this year was the Alfa Romeo 4C, with 40.5% of the votes from approximately 13,500 readers who took the survey. The award ceremony took place in the magnificent setting of the Schloss Dyck, the water castle in the Rhineland, known for the yearly "Classic Days".  

The new Alfa Romeo 4C thus proves the rightful heir to the Alfa Romeo 159 and the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, both winners of the "Motor Klassik Awards 2009" in their respective categories. What's more, in 2012 the readers of the prestigious German magazine chose the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 of the 1930s as "Classic of the Year".  

The "Classic of the Future" title extends the impressive history of awards for the Alfa Romeo supercar, which already includes: "Best Sport Cars" by the Spanish TV show MQC; "Car of the Year 2013" by the British magazine FHM; "Coup de cœur 2013" by Automobile Magazine in France; "Auto Trophy 2013" by the readers of the German magazine Auto Zeitung; "The most beautiful car of the year 2013" in France, in the XXIX International Automobile Festival; "Best Cars 2014" by the German magazine "Auto, Motor und Sport"; "The cars I like 2014" in the 'Sports' category according to the readers of the monthly 'Quattroruote' (Italy); 'Auto Lider 2013', 'Sports cars and coupés' category, by the Polish readers of the weekly 'Motor' and monthly 'Auto Moto'; from Poland, where the journalists of Top Gear magazine - the country's best-selling automotive magazine - gave the Alfa Romeo 4C the title of "Coupé of the Year" in the "Coupé of the Year" category; 'Best Sports Car 2014' by the readers of the Portuguese 'Autohoje' magazine.  

A multiple-award-winning, genuine and uncompromising 'driving machine', this year the Alfa Romeo 4C will be Safety Car both in the thrilling 2014 SBK Superbike World Championship and the hotly contested World Touring Car Championship 2014 (WTCC). In fact, the supercar is at its best precisely on the track, where speed, short braking distances and transverse acceleration are essential for first-rate lap times: from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds flat, top speed of 258 km/h, deceleration peaks in the range of 1.2 g and lateral acceleration peaks over 1.1 g. All this is achieved through optimal weight distribution - 40% on the front axle and 60% on the rear - and a total dry weight of just 895 kg - for the most part made up of carbon fibre, aluminium, steel and SMC - in addition to an extraordinary weight-to-power ratio of less than 4 kg/HP.  

The first-rate performance is also due to the combination of the new 240 HP 1750 Turbo Petrol engine with the latest-generation 'Alfa TCT' dry twin clutch transmission and the advanced Alfa DNA selector with the brand-new Race mode. More specifically, the new '4 cylinder' 1750 Turbo Petrol with direct injection at 200 bar and aluminium block achieves amazing performance: torque and specific power set new records for this category, at over 200 Nm/l and 137 HP/l respectively, while maximum power of 240 HP (176 kW) is reached at 6,000 rpm.