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Official Ferrari Calendar 2012 “FERRARI MYTH" ... Numbered and Limited Edition

Ferrari FF s/n 179559 Ferrari S.p.A. (Maranello/MO, Italy)

Ferrari FF s/n 179559 Ferrari S.p.A. (Maranello/MO, Italy)


5000 copies
FORMAT: c. 70 x 50 cm
PRICE: 79.90 (plus € 17,- shipping to Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, etc.)  

Even the cover of this calendar holds the promise of a dream: The new 660-hp Ferrari FF parked seductively in the morning sun in front of the Maranello plant entrance, ready to depart. Ferrari Myth, The Official Ferrari Calendar, is certain to keep Ferrari connoisseur pulses racing all year round at home or in the office. This large-format, beautifully printed gem is considered a cult object in collector circles, with only 5,000 individually numbered copies available worldwide The 28th edition of the classic calendar by photographer Günther Raupp presents all the new Gran Turismo cars as well as rare and exquisite Ferrari classics from private collections. Fans of the Cavallino Rampante can view and order Ferrari Myth www.raupp.com. All orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.

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FORMAT: c. 60 x 42 cm
PRICE: 34,95 (plus € 17,- shipping to Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, etc.)

For more than six decades, Ferrari has been at the center of the action in Formula One racing. With Rosso Corsa, the Official Scuderia Ferrari Calendar, Ferrari F1 fans can experience unfiltered proximity to the current team and its star drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. Three of the top photographers in motorsports – Paul-Henri Cahier, Darren Heath, and Rainer W. Schlegelmilch – have chosen their best shots exclusively for this brilliantly designed and printed calendar. The large format and brilliant images will bring the heat of competition and the fighting spirit of Ferrari vividly to life in your living or office. Fans of the Scuderia can view and order “Rosso Corsa” online directly from www.Raupp.com

ORDERING AND PURCHASINGSimply order online under www.raupp.com or send an e-mail to Raupp Design at info@raupp-design.com to take your credit card payment.