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Paul Koot New Director of European Sales for Dragone


Paul V.J. Koot was born in 1958 in Ede, a small town in the centre of the Netherlands. His father was an engineer with a passion for Italian sportscars, so he grew up getting his hands dirty. After high school he entered University, but also started spending considerable time on driving and repairing motorcycles and old cars. He opened his first professional classic car shop in 1986, specializing in Italian and English sports cars. The need for the expert repair of aluminum bodies brought him to Italy a few years later, where he met with Elio and Andrea Zagato.  This resulted involvement in the Lancia Hyena Zagato project in 1991, and a close involvement in the rebirth of the coach builder Zagato in Terrazzano di Rho near Arese, Italy where he became the co-director. 

Heading an international group of investors, further developments were the founding of Carrozzeria Granturismo Milano Restorations (1997), the takeover of the Borrani wheel company where he was appointed president (2004) and the revival of Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera where he was also appointed president (2006 and 2008).  After presiding over these activities for more than 15 years, he decided to focus on international sales, international consultancy, and his true passion of special coach building. His experience includes managing a hundred restorations, a thousand special classic cars sold, and numerous close contacts with international collectors, museums and auction houses for many years.  Being fluent in five languages and maintaining a large automotive library and documentation collection are the basis of his international network. Paul is Netherlands-based with his wife Agnes and his children Boy and Roseline, but also has offices in Milan and Paris. The slogan of his company is 'Cars Longa, Vita Brevis'  Art is long, life is short.

He is now head Director of sales in Europe for Dragone Classic Motorcars and Auctions and will be handling any European related consignments, purchases, sales or auction related questions.