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Porsche presents the draft of a sculpture on Porscheplatz


Stuttgart, 17 November, 2014

Porsche AG is planning to integrate a work of art as a new landmark for visitors, employees and fellow citizens at its headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The sculpture will be erected on the roundabout in the centre of the intersection controlled by traffic lights on Porscheplatz. The aim is to achieve a visual link with the Porsche Museum by creating an interesting and living scenic impression and so providing an additional upgrade of the northern Stuttgart district.

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The work of art is approx. 24 m high and measures about 10 m around its base. It consists of three steles, each of which has a Porsche 911 perched on its top. The cars stem from various model years to document the history of the sports car icon, which has rolled off the production lines in Zuffenhausen for the past 50 years. The roundabout, previously covered with white gravel, will be grassed over and the sculpture will then appear to be striving upward from it.

The position of the work of art does not contravene any existing traffic regulations or disturb the existing infrastructure. During the implementation phase, Porsche will co-operate closely with traffic authorities and take measures to allow traffic to flow undisturbed. Work will be performed outside peak traffic times and will therefore take place during the summer holidays in 2015.

Currently, the company is working together with the City of Stuttgart to provide the general preconditions relating to planning law. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the project will be presented to the Environment and Technology Committee of the Stuttgart City Council and then to the Zuffenhausen District Council. The sculpture will be inaugurated in an official ceremony in autumn next year.