The 10 metre long TT Sculpture is loaded onto a cargo plane bound for China

Audi TT sculpture travels to Beijing

The unique sculpture made its debut at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and its next port of call is an equally spectacular setting:

Chang’an Avenue, the Chinese capital's great east-west artery.


Teams head for Dubai for final round of 2006

And so the 2006 season draws to a close ... but before this most exciting and close season finishes, there is one more race to go. Even if the Championships have mostly been decided, the season finale, at the Dubai Autodrome,...

Patrick Stieger - Ferrari 512 M start to finish victory

Schumacher and Scuderia Ferrari finale for World Finals

The 2006 Ferrari World Finals were brought to a close today at the Monza circuit with the traditional demonstration from Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro. The key moment of the event that rounds off the Prancing Horse’s racing season...

Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta "TdF", s/n 0677GT

$5 million World Record Price for 14 louvre TdF

0677GT one of nine 14 louvre Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta TdF was lately sold to the USA for a staggering price. During last 2 years prices for street cars increased sharply, for some models the price even doubled, since the...

BMW 507 Roadster

Geneva Classics & The Sportscar Auction

Notable a 500.000 Euro highbid did not buy the BMW 507 Roadster .... The salon de la locomotion ancienne offered displays from most of the leading Car Manufacturers or displays from their Classic Car Departments like ...Alfa...

Peugeot 908 12 cylinder Diesel Le Mans Prototype

Mondial de l'Automobile, Paris

The french Manufactures present many stunning new models on home ground, but Thierry Lesparre found some additional onces

100 Miglia in Northern Italy

100 Miglia Prosecco Wine

Danilie Salatin covered the 100 Miglia in Northern Italy for the readers, an lovely event which you should bookmark for the next year

Mercedes 540 K Cabrio A s/n 408425

European Concours Schwetzingen 2006

A 1904 Mercedes Simplex a former winner of the Pebble Beach-Concours has been elected as "Best of Show 2006" at the 5th European Concours d'Elegance AvD-Oldtimer-Gala Schwetzingen in Germany on Sunday, the 3rd of Sept. 2006.

Ferrari Days Michael schumacher being interviewed

Ferrari Racing Days

The Ferrari Racing Days were visited by Andreas Birner ... Michael Schumacher drove his black Enzo, a 599 Fiorano a couple of demo donuts in a Formula 1 car and all the nice cars from the visitors .. a nice event and many images

Aston Martin DBR1 ch.Nr.DBR1slash2 Peter Hardman leading the field

Goodwood Revival

Peter Singhof enjoyed the Goodwood Revival and captured the action, now the memory cards are filled with superb images ... now converted into 50+ galleries with more then 500 images .... you loved to be there ?


Le Mans Start

Le Mans Classic

You simply must see it to believe it, there are more then 1.500 LM Classic images in the StudioLine image archive and we show you most of them ...


La Mitiche Sport a Basano

La Mitiche Sporta a Basano

Daniele Salatin visited a stunning event in northern Italy ... accepting only open cars ... this should vbe an event on your list ... simply one of the best

Automobili Lamborghini

museo Lamborghini

"museo Lamborghini" is something to add to your sight seeing list ... it offers the complete product line ... and much more

Concorso d'Eleganza  .. Barock Meets Retro Classic

Retro Claasic Meets Barock

The 3rd Retro Classics meets Barock took place from June 9th to 11th in the Gardens of the Castle Ludwigsburg ....

Porsche 917/10 s/n 917-10-001

Coys Monaco Auction, 2006

Andreas Birner and Bjoern Schmidt attended the auction .... they recorded the biddings and took plenty of images

Delahaye 135M Coupe by Chapron s/n 60127

Bonhams at Monaco, 2006

Andreas Birner and Bjoern Schmidt attended the auction .... they recorded the biddings and took plenty of images

Alfa Romeo 6C 3000 CM Colli Berlinetta #602 - Juan Manuel Fangio - G. Sala - 2nd

Mille Miglia '53 and '54

Once in your life time you have to participate in the Mille Miglia,

the charme, the emotion and the enthusiasms of the Tifosis is

not matched anywhere in the world


216 Mass Haas Mercedes 300 SLR #00010 1955 D

Sunny Mille Miglia ... 375 cars and 100.000 spectators

The worlds largest moving historic car museum was visited by Andreas Birner, Peter & Wolfgang Singhof and Yvo Alexander ... it was a sunny Mille Miglia ... which every one enjoyed and which one more time was won bei Cane /...

Engine blow up

Wins for Werner, Franklin, Bosch and Fertè at Hockenheim

Hockenheim, 30th April 2006The Jim Clark Revival meeting came to a close at Hockenheim on this the main day of the international event featuring historic cars, including those from Ferrari. Testing themselves against the German...

Ferrari BB 512 LM lead the pack

Jim Clark Revival meeting

The Jim Clark Revival meeting came to a close at Hockenheim on this the main day of the international event featuring historic cars, including those from Ferrari. Testing themselves against the German circuit were drivers in the...

Alpine A 110 1800 Gr. IV

Tour Auto 2006

The Tour Auto is one of the "must have driven" events ... it is difficult to imagine, in each edition is different and full of surprises .... the Tour Auto Lissac has crisscrossed France, for a long time and everyone knows that...

Maserati Bommerang

Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

In the beautiful setting at the Villa d'Este and the Villa Erba 12 Concepts Cars and 49 Historic Cars were displayed, will bring you the most extensive coverage in the net .... you can enjoy the Concepts Cars with...

Ferrari 375 Indy Farina (20), Ascari (34) & Villoresi (24)

Gran Premio del Valentino, Torino

The Gran Premio Torino was held in absence of Alfa Romeo, it was by Luigi Villoresi, the Ferrari 375 Indianapolis of Ascari retried in the lead with 3 laps to go, Farina survived an accident when thrown out of the monster....

Techno Classica 2006

Techno Classica - Demand on Classic Ferraris Exceeds Supply

The Techno Classica, the world's largest trade fair for classic automobiles held at Essen/Germany between April 5 and 9, proved that there is an incredible demand for high quality Ferrari classics. Top sales include 250 MM...

1938 Horch 853A

Retro Classic Stuttgart

1.200 classics on exhibit ... special displays like 70 year Topolino, Ferrari &

Maserati caught the interest of 40.000 visitors ... 5.000 more then in the

previous year ... friends which strolled the show...

Ferrari 212 MM Berlinetta Vignale s/n 0070M - Franco Cornacchia "Prova MI 444"  - dnf

Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti 1951

Walter Baeumer and Andreas Birner helped to add 100 more historic images from Italian races to it's archive ... a big thanks to both of them ... here is the 1st set ... they actually came in an album ... we have the...

033 2°  Rao Michael Palmer Stacey FIAT 8 V 1953 USA

Coppa Milano Sanremo

The rally was very well organized and no details left untouched. With the participation of around 230 cars and a team of 250 people working for the Coppa Milano-San Remo I was most impressed.

Ferrari 599 Fiorano

599 GTB will star at the Geneva Motor Show

The 575 Maranello successor named 599 GTB will be shown the first time to the public at the Geneva Motor Show, it will feature a 5.99 litre front mid engine it will deliver 620 HP and finally covered by a slick gentle body with...

Lamborghini Miura Concept

Lamborghini Miura Concept

The House of the Raging Bull brings back a legendary name from the company’s past with the breathtaking “Lamborghini Miura Concept”. The “Lamborghini Miura Concept” will be the first Lamborghini vehicle to be conjured from the...

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 s/n 146377

Geneva Motor Show

Andreas Birner the well known European Ferrari Historian will introduce you to all Geneva Motor Show highlights and Bjoern Schmidt prepares to take you with the Alfa Romeo Giulia Squdra Polizia to 100th Coppa Milano...